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About Metalworks LLC

Metalworks LLC - is the lead high precision complex metalworking company in West Ukraine.

The main objective of our company is to meet and exceed Customer requirements set to our processes, services, and products, to keep existing Customers loyal to the Company and gain new prospects.

Through exercising this activity we are using effective, advanced production technology and equipment, improving production management and quality control, continuous education and training of highly qualified personnel.

Continuous improvement – is one of the main principles of our operation. Our employees are high-level professionals, and they are the main value of our Company. Each employee’s ownership and personal responsibility for his/her work results guarantees quality output.

We are achieving an optimal quality level by optimizing and continuously improving our processes. All Company staff understands the principles of quality management system including processes involved in its maintenance and further improvement, clearly understands the purpose of its work and influences on the system. The initiatives and ideas of every employee are considered in the Company’s quality management.

Our production capabilities enable us to perform tooling operations independent of their difficulty. In Metalworks you may order mechanical/tooling operations for any and all levels of the process – from technical documentation/drawings to tool creation according to the presented drawings.

Our team CAD/CAM consists of highly qualified gifted engineering personnel, who are able to help you with creation of processing technology, production technology, and full technical documentation for an item.

All metalworking is performed on modern metalworking CNC machines (high-speed cutting, EDM, wire cutting), and on universal equipment (lathe, milling, polishing, drilling, sawing– pendulum saw, slicing and dicing). The machine pool consists of machines by lead manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan.

The employees of our Company have solid professional education and extensive practice in the field of metalworking. All engineering staff was trained abroad.

The quality control team controls all stages of technological process. Their professionalism and usage of advanced high accuracy continuously calibrated measurement systems assures us to avoid the realease of scrap products and non-compliance with deadlines.

We are ready to take all challenges on any item ordered, and can assure you about the level of quality and accuracy even for items made of resistant to processing materials (hardness to 65HRC) up to the accuracy of +/- 0.002mm guaranteeing the shortest lead times at most adequate cost.